Building a Pool When You Are Afraid of Water

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Building a Pool When You Are Afraid of Water

Hi, my name is Molly, and a few years ago, we built a pool so that our autistic son could receive hydrotherapy at our home. However, as drowning is a common cause of death and injury among kids with autism, it petrified me to build a pool. However, we worked closely with a pool contractor to make sure that it was as safe as possible. I love the result, and although I am always careful and cautious, I am no longer afraid of having a pool. If you want tips and ideas on designing your pool (even if you are afraid of pools or water), you have come to the right place. I hope that this blog helps you.


The Key Design Features That Make Infinity Pools So Appealing

25 June 2020
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Most pool contractors in Australia now offer infinity pools among their other products. They are more expensive than most other pools for their size, but they are so architecturally pleasing that infinity pool builders are rarely without a new project to take on. If you are considering hiring infinity pool builders to make your dream swimming pool, then what are the most important design features that you should keep in mind? Read More …

Factors to Consider before Buying the Best Pool Pump

7 November 2019
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Pool pumps are an essential purchase as they circulate water to prevent the growth of bacteria in stagnant water. You should, therefore, purchase a quality pump regardless of its price to avoid compromising on pool health. Before buying a pool pump, look at the following aspects. Speed of the pump Pool pumps are available in different speeds that regulate the pumping rate of the swimming pool. They are available in single-speed, dual-speed and variable speed. Read More …

How to Fix Some Common Problems With Your Pool Pump

18 October 2018
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One of the essential components of your pool's plumbing system is its pump. Pool pumps function to increase pressure in your pool so as to force the water to flow into the filter. As such, it functions much like your heart in that it is crucial for the pumping and cleaning of the water in your swimming pool. However, not many homeowners pay close attention to their pool pump. This inadvertently leads to is succumbing to wear and tear over time. Read More …

A Few Pros and Cons of Different Pool Styles

28 July 2017
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Having a pool installed on your property isn't as expensive or difficult as you might assume, and it's a great way to entertain friends and family during summer months. However, shopping for a pool can be a bit overwhelming, just because there are so many different types of pools available. Note a few pros and cons of those various styles and models, and this might make the selection process faster and easier for you. Read More …

What To Consider When Choosing Metal Pool Fencing

13 October 2016
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When it comes to pool fencing, the options are limited in terms of materials. The most common options are either metal fencing or glass fencing. Metal pool fencing is fairly common because of its durability. However, there are still numerous varieties when it comes to metal fencing. In this article, learn what to look for when choosing what type of a metal pool fence to install. Structural strength of the fence Read More …